Like the ponytail, the half up half down hairstyle has been around for what seems like forever but is always evolving. This is one of the many popular styles out there that will update your half up half down for 2013. It works with all hair types as long as the hair is medium to long as creating the braids may be a stretch for those with short hair and you can either use it on freshly washed and blow-dried hair or unwashed hair. Best of all, despite its new look, it is still almost as easy to create this hairstyle as it is to do a classic half up half down look. Start by parting your hair wherever you normally do then take a section on either side of the part, making sure that the sections are about the same width as two of your fingers.

Half down updo Use Braids To Add Creativity To Your Half Up Half Down

Create a loose braid in each of the sections you just grabbed, working them towards a meeting point. To make sure the braids don’t unravel too easily, put a small dab of pomade or texturizing cream at the ends. Now you can use a clear hair tie to connect the braids at the back of your head. Finally, carefully take four small bobby pins (two on each side) and slide them along your scalp underneath the braid in order to make sure no pieces of the braids fall out despite their looseness. You are now done creating your modern take on the half up half down classic look. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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