Long blond hair extensions are always wanted for some reason or another. I’ve seen them used as a base for natural hair of any color to lay on top of. This style seems relatively popular. I’ve also seen them used as filler for hair that’s already naturally blonde. They can also be used to create streaks.

Paris Hilton Hair Extensions 2 Long Blonde Hair Extensions

You need to know the difference between the type of hair extensions you’ll be getting. For starters, you must choose between synthetic and natural. For blonde, synthetic hair just isn’t going to fly. I’ve never seen synthetic blonde hair extensions that look natural. Ever. I don’t care how good they claim to be; eventually synthetic hair will fade, matt up, or start to get stringy. I’ll never quite look like your hair.

Natural hair (made from real human hair) may be more expensive, but they’re certainly worth the money you pay for them. They’re more likely to match your hair color, and you’ll be able to wash it and treat it like your own hair without using special styling products that may becoming annoying after the first three times applying it. This is especially true for long blond hair extensions, as they must look natural in order for them to look believable.

Some extensions are glued in, while others are sewn. It only makes sense that the extensions you glue in are the most damaging to your hair, especially if you’re getting individual extensions done. I’ve had sew-ins done. They let my hair rest, but they’re a pain to take down. Talk to your stylist and find out which method would be better for you. Photo Copyright of PR PHOOTS

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