Everyone with thick or coarse hair will have problems at one point or another controlling it when they want to wear it down. You might feel like you can’t even consider using a down do for fear of a frizzy mess, or even worse, ending up looking like a triangle. That is where this simply wavy down do comes in. It works for any hair length and is designed for thick, wavy or curly hair, although it also works with straight hair. It’s recommended in any case when your hair’s thickness seems to get the best of you and all you need is bobby pins and a few minutes of your time. Start by taking a two-inch section of your bangs and pinning it back, making sure to pin it closer to the hairline than the crown as this will ensure the look stays sophisticated.

Down Do Keeping Your Thick Hair In Control To Create A Wavy Down Do

This is when those of you with a lot of volume will start to feel a little triangular, but don’t worry; we have a solution for that that is very simple to accomplish and will work great. Simply take a small section of your hair from the area right above your ears making sure to leave some hair to cover your ears. Now twist these hair sections, rolling them tightly to your head and secure them with a bobby pin. That will get rid of any triangle you might have and not even be noticeable, especially if you have curly hair. Simply mist your down do with shine spray and enjoy your new, frizz free look! Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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