Summer is nearly here, and it is time to find some easy to do hairstyles that can be done on the run, if necessary. With short hair, the simplest thing to do has always been to grab some mousse, and finger style it into the look you want. For longer hair, of medium length or longer, there are styles you can try that go beyond the basic ponytail to go.Kate Bosworth – Simple yet elegant ponytail hairstyle

Easy Hairstyle Idea Fun Hairstyles For Medium To Long Hair Lengths

For a cute look for partying after a day at the beach, wash, condition and dry your hair as normal. Using a smooth gel or curling solution, divide your hair into sections, and use your fingers and hands to roughly create some loose waves. The tighter you rope twist each section, the more defined the curls, so, for anyone with natural curls, this type of hairstyles will bring them out into a much sharper definition. For really hot evenings, you can add a new dimension by gathering the waves into clips for a stunning off the neck look.

Curly Hair for Summer Fun Hairstyles For Medium To Long Hair Lengths

There are also a couple of hairstyles that you can quickly set up using the basic ponytail as a base. The first will simulate the Grecian fall of curls that has long been a classic party staple. Shift your ponytail higher up the back of your head, preferably high enough to be almost even with your brow line at the front. Section the ponytail with your fingers, and spray each curl with a good styling aid. Continue making curls until you use up all the hair. The next style can be done on the move, without any styling aids or clips. Grab the base of your ponytail and begin wrapping lengths of the tail clockwise around it. When you reach the end of a length, tuck the end beneath the tail where it meets the back of your head. Once done, you will have a stylish bun that will stay together for a good long time, if wrapped properly. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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