Hair Colors – Trends and Tips

The trends in hair colors keep on changing as we have a number of shades coming every year. Everyone wants to have healthy, shinny and well groomed hairs. They can only be attained with the help of a good hair color. Hair color should be used in accordance to your skin tone. A professional colorist says that we can have our hairstyle colored at home only after the consultation. We should always make a choice when getting a hair color. Get a color that suits your style and your skin color and tone. In fact, one should not become a fashion slave; fashion is what you carry and how you are carrying it. The fashion of hair color is now very common in almost every nook and corner of the world. The girls, especially the teenagers, usually follow these kinds of styles more as compared to the boys. They are willing to spend a lot of money on this because hair colors are a bit costly.

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The Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Angela Bassett with blunt bangs hairstyle

Who would say that bangs are not for everyone? With the right cut, bangs would just be the perfect cut for your hair. For those who have square faced, long bangs are the right thing for you. The bangs should be layered on the side to create some sort of feminine look. You may also have thick bangs but it all depends on your personality because this kind of bangs can be overwhelming. Have the stylist cut your hair just below the brows with a feather center and the heaviest part should be at the side.

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The Buzz Cut for Men

the buzz cut

Men who prefer keeping their hair short but stylish can try the crew cut. This haircut is also suited for people who are suffering hair loss. This hairstyle basically focuses on tapering the hair on a uniform basis on the crown of the head while the sides and the back of the head are shaved. This is a beautiful hairstyle which makes you look like those naval officers.

In general the crew cut was derived from the Yale rowing crew. Some people prefer to keep medium or short hair on the sides and back of the head also. There are more variations of the crew cut such as the flat-top haircut, the buzz cut and the butch. The buzz cut was basically adopted by the army to keep the hair free from insects and lice.

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